Our Products

Calibrator Kits

Our Calibrator Kits are liquid ready-to-use solutions at concentrations that are ready for sample preparation. They provide the curve points necessary to achieve accurate unknown sample quantitation. Learn More

Calibration Verification/ Linearity Sets

Calibration verification confirms the accuracy of your measurement of patient samples by verifying the final concentration of the Cal Verification samples are within the expected range.  CLIA requires a calibration verification and/or Linearity study every 6 months. Learn More

Control Kits

Our controls are ready-to-use liquid controls that do not require reconstitution. Just prepare the controls samples as you would your unknown sample. Concentrations are at values appropriate for your reportability. Learn More

Internal Standard Spiking Solution (IS3)

Our IS3 is a combination of certified deuterated compound standards for your specific panel and provides the standard reference area for all samples. Learn More

Tuning Solutions

We offer tuning solutions for your specific analyte and your deuterated internal standards.  Our tuning solutions come standard at 50 ug/mL.  Learn More

System Suitability Testing (S2T)

CLIA’s IQCP is a quality assurance plan that incorporates Risk Assessment, a Quality Control Plan, and Quality Assessment. Learn More