Method Development & Installation

5C Laboratories will provide on-site Optimization, Method Development and Method Installation for Pain Management and toxicology panels necessary for your needs. We can work with new start up laboratories or larger reference laboratories to achieve the workflow and throughput you desire. We have vast experience on Sciex Triple Quad and QTrap ® Systems. Just a partial list of instrument models include: API 3200, API 4000, API 4500, and API 5500 Mass Spectrometers with Shimadzu LC.

While on site our certified medical technologist will assist with the instrument training, software training and sample processing training for your laboratory technician.  We provide complete SOPs specific to your completed method process, maintenance templates, and supply order forms to make the transition to your lab technician easier.


5C Laboratories can assist with many aspects of the validation process. Our Validation Services can include but is not limited to:

  •     Accuracy/ Precision 
  •     Linearity / Regression Analysis
  •     Reproducibility
  •     Carry Over Study
  •     LOQ / ULOQ Evaluation
  •     LOD / Cutoff Validation
  •     Split Sample Analysis
  •     Stability Study


5C Laboratories has 10 combined laboratory and supervisory years experience in the highly complex laboratory field.  All of our Medical Technologists and Clinical Laboratory Scientists are licensed and ASCP certified with Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s degrees.

Please contact us to determine if consulting is available in your area.